Starting from January 2022 our firm have changed its name to MILITERNI Law Firm

Our history

Militerni Law Firm was founded in 1991

in Naples with a vocation for administrative law. and, progressively, it established itself on the market of legal advice and assistance to companies and public authorities.

In 1995 we opened a new office in Milan

which allowed us to expand our professional activities throughout Northern Italy in the field of business consultancy.

With the new millennium

it was time to open another office in Bergamo, specialized in debt recovery.

In recent years Militerni Law Firm

consolidated its position on the market by opening two new offices in Turin and in Padua. As we firmly believed in the opportunities resulting from the globalization of markets and the internationalization of legal services, we opened two offices in Paris and Belgrade.


our firm is mainly focused on contract law, debt recovery, litigation, administrative law, corporate law and insolvency proceedings.

Our approach

Our firm

provides legal support mainly to SMEs. Over the years we have grown in the sectors of greatest interest to our clients.

Our approach is client-oriented

and we possess an in-depth knowledge of the business realities and the markets in which our clients operate.

Our mission

is based on constant communication with the clients, periodic visits to companies, prompt response to queries and a widespread presence on the territory.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and the will

to provide our customers with efficient services have been rewarded with a significant and steady growth, even during periods of major economic downturn.