The law firm Militerni & Associates was founded in 1991 with a commercial orientation and gradually establishes itself in the market of legal advice and assistance to businesses and public bodies.

Between 2012 and 2013, the study states internationally and opens the two foreign offices in Belgrade and Brussels and in recent years has consolidated its position by opening two new offices in Italy, Turin and Brescia.

The activity carried out by the study include areas of consultancy, contract and commercial law, corporate, labor, administrative, intellectual property, competition and insolvency proceedings. To increase its efficiency study makes use of the collaboration of criminal lawyers / tax experts.

The Mission of the study is to engage customers through the study and deep knowledge of the markets where it operates, talks ongoing, periodic visits, ready to answer questions and capillary presence on the territory.

The corporate is made by the partners Militerni Innocenzo, Militerni Massimo and Giovanni Cinque guaranteeing a more complete service, confidential and reliable customer investing collaborators prepared and growing youngsters who collaborate to continuous innovation.

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