Tasks related to being an arbitrator on an Arbitration Panel.


Analysis of the economic and financial situation of companies; measurement of the economic and financial effects of short and long-term choices; formation of the budget in order to plan, check and encourage business activities; reclassification of financial statements; calculation and interpretation of balance sheet indices; financial planning; assessment of investment projects; company assessments; preparation of Business Plans; strategy advice on extraordinary financial transactions; advice on corporate restructuring and financial compensation schemes; decision-making support advice for development policies in the pursuit of strategic corporate goals.


Assistance before the ordinary courts (Justice of the Peace, Court of Law, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation), assistance before the administrative courts (Regional Court, Council of State, High Court of Public Waters), assistance before the auditing courts (Court of Auditors) and assistance before the tax courts (Provincial Tax Commission, Regional Tax Commission, Court of Cassation).


Assistance in the negotiation and drawing up of all types of contracts and business agreements, therein including, but not limited to: services contracts, engineering contracts, licence distribution contracts, joint venture agreements and consortium agreements, supply agreements, transport agreements, real estate, land and building rental agreements, management agreements and outsourcing agreements.

Administrative law

Assistance with public tenders in the procedural stage as well as during negotiation. Health legislation, Public Employment, Town Planning.

Banking law

Assistance in the resolution of disputes, assistance with contracts.

Family law

Assistance and drafting of separation and divorce applications.

Labour law

Assistance and corporate advice on employment relationships and the management of disputes. The assistance offered covers all litigation regarding the management of the employment relationship (in particular: individual and collective redundancies, claims for higher qualifications, applications for compensation for damages caused by mobbing and demotion, social security disputes).

Right to privacy

Dealing with the problems related to the protection of personal data in commercial employment relationships.

Bankruptcy law

Advice on the restructuring of small to medium-sized enterprises in crisis. Assistance in court-based and out-of-court compositions and in insolvency proceedings for medium-sized to large enterprises.

Corporate law

Assistance in the incorporation of companies and in mergers and demergers. Drafting of by-laws and shareholders’ agreements. Drafting and assistance in company transfer and rental agreements, stock market listings, stock options transactions and feasibility studies.

Sport law

General consultancy and advice. Assistance in the incorporation of sports clubs and sporting associations. Assistance and defence in bankruptcy proceedings for football clubs. Assistance and defence before the sports justice bodies.


Assistance and advice on the management of real estate, taking care of collection of rental instalments, the stipulation and renewal of rental agreements, the releasing of properties and participation in tenants’ meetings.

Debt recovery

Recoverability studies. Drafting of all the documents necessary for the recovery until the debt has been collected or the decision is reached that the debt is irrecoverable.